New Stock Screen Filters

In response to requests and feedback, we have added new filters for:

    • Moving Average Oscillator
      • Value Filter
    • Trailing Stops
      • Average True Range
      • Percentage

New filters:

Moving Average Oscillator

The Moving Average Oscillator reflects the variance between price and the moving average as a percentage.

Value Filter

Identify Minimum or Maximum values. Use the MA Oscillator in conjunction with filters for Moving Average crossovers.

MA Oscillator Stock Screen Settings

Amgen (AMGN) below is a large cap stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, so overbought/oversold levels are set at 5%/-5% for the 21-day MA Oscillator.

The light green arrow indicates an entry signal (long) but price is still below the 100-day MA, suggesting a tentative up-trend. Dark green arrows indicate long entry signals where price is above both the 21-day and 100-day EMAs. The orange arrow indicates an exit signal when the MA Oscillator crosses from above to below the 5% overbought level.

Amgen Inc (AMGN) with MA Oscillator

Trailing Stops

We have added new filters for Average True Range and Percentage Trailing Stops as new filters.

Average True Range Trailing Stops

ATR Trailing Stops are primarily used to lock in profits on individual trades but they can also be used, in conjunction with a trend filter, to signal entries. Use the new filter to identify Entries and Exits.

ATR Trailing Stop Stock Screen Settings

The chart below depicts a 21-day trailing stop at 3 standard deviations, with signals based on high/low cross. The green arrow indicates the entry (long) signal and red arrow the exit signal.

NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) Average True Range Trailing Stops

Percentage Trailing Stops

Percentage Trailing Stops is a simple trend-following system that trails a stop loss at a set percentage above/below the current price, depending on trend direction.

ATR Trailing Stop Stock Screen Settings

The chart below shows a 10% trailing stop, with signals taken from closing price (crossing the stop). The green arrow indicates the entry (long) signal and red arrow at the exit.

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) Percentage Trailing Stops

We hope that you find the changes useful. We are constrained by the number of filters we can add but will welcome further feedback or suggestions.

The Incredible Charts Team

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