What's New: Running on Mac OS X or Linux, and Incredible Charts

By Colin Twiggs
October 29th, 2013 8:00 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m. AEDT)

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Running Incredible Charts on a Mac or Linux

We have tested the installation of Incredible Charts on an Apple Mac and/or Linux, using the latest version of WINE, with excellent results.


The advantage of running on WINE is that you do not have to install a virtual PC or run Windows operating system. WINE interprets commands (from Incredible Charts) directly for your native Mac or Linux OS, delivering significant performance improvements — even when compared to running Incredible Charts on Windows.

To find out more, go to:

Unfortunately WINE still cannot be used on iPad, Android and most other tablets.

Incredible Charts

Here is a quick review of the latest version of Incredible Charts, recently released from beta.

Trendline Drag Handles

Drag Handles

Readers will notice the larger trendline drag handles in the latest version. If you prefer the old handles, select Draw >> Draw Options >> Trendlines >> Drag-Handle Size >> Small on the chart menu.

Text Boxes and Arrows

Incredible Charts incorporates text boxes and arrows, previously only available in the beta version. You will find the new features on the Draw menu and toolbar:

Draw Toolbar

Text Boxes

  1. Select the text box icon on the Draw toolbar
  2. Click and drag on the chart
  3. Enter text
  4. Enter a hint if required
  5. Click OK
Text Box

Edit Text Box

Right-click on the text box and select from the following options:

Text Box

Convert Caption Marker

You can also convert existing caption markers to text boxes. Simply right-click on the caption and select Convert This Caption To Textbox.

Text Box


Draw Arrows
  1. Select an arrow icon on the Draw toolbar
  2. Click and drag on the chart
  3. Enter a hint if required
  4. Click OK

Right-click on the arrow to edit size and/or color.

Copy Trendline

There is also a new feature to copy trendlines.

Copy Trendline
  1. Right-click on a trendline
  2. Select Copy & Drag
  3. Click on the trendline and drag the copy to a new position on the chart

Default Colors and Sizes

To adjust the default color for text boxes or arrows, select Format Charts >> Colors >> Text Boxes or Up Arrows or Down Arrows.

To adjust the default font size for text boxes and captions, select Draw >> Draw Options >> Text Boxes and Captions >> Default Font Size.

To adjust the default arrow size, select Draw >> Draw Options >> Default Arrow Size.

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