What's New: ASX 1-Minute Updates

By Colin Twiggs
June 4th, 2011 2:00 a.m. ET (4:00 p.m. AET)

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New Beta:

The latest beta version offers 20-minute delayed updates for the ASX at 1-minute intervals. Our latest data offerings are now:

Symbol Delay (mins.)
Australian Stock Exchange ax 20
US Consolidated us 15
Dow Jones Indices us 15
Forex fx 5
Precious Metals pm 5
London Stock Exchange uk Daily updates. After midnight (UK time)
World Indices ix Daily updates. After 7:00 p.m. ET
Commodities cm Daily updates. Delay varies by exchange.

Use the F5 shortcut key, or the Refresh Data button on the toolbar, to refresh data from the server. Regular users should notice an improvement in the time taken for charts to refresh from the server.

Australian Stock Exchange

There are a few minor differences between the new data feed and our existing ASX feed:

New Index Symbols

Index symbols from the new feed are prefaced with a $ sign. For example $XAO and $XJO. Symbols from the existing ASX feed (e.g XAO) are still available, but remain as hourly snapshots.

Index Opening Prices

The new index feed uses the previous day's closing price as the Open for the following day because of the staggered ASX start.

Notes & Debentures

The new feed includes notes, debentures and hybrids not covered by our existing feed.

London, Toronto and Singapore

We have had to hold back introduction of 15-minute delayed updates for London and Toronto exchanges, and 20-minute delayed for Singapore. We are waiting on splits data from our supplier, but should be ready in a few weeks.

Regular Backup

It pays to make regular backups of the indicators, trendlines, captions and watchlists stored on your computer:

  • Copy the User Files folder at C:\Program Files\Incredible Charts to an external hard drive or USB memory stick; or
  • Use File >> Export Files on the chart menu to copy project and watchlist files to an external hard drive or USB memory stick.

Future Plans

We are busy with the following developments.

  • London, Toronto and Singapore;
  • FTSE index feed (including Singapore Straits Times Index);
  • Hour & Minute charts;
  • Flags for dilutions and dividends;
  • Tiered subscriptions so that members can customize their subscription according to their needs.

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