What's New: Incredible Charts

By Colin Twiggs
December 4, 2010 12:30 a.m. ET (4:30 p.m. AET)

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Future Trendlines

The update is in response to feedback from members regarding trendlines drawn at future dates. Trendlines and captions drawn at future dates will now be accurately remembered between sessions. This applies to fixed or auto-extending trendlines, whether horizontal, angled or vertical.
Gold Future Target

New Toolbar Icons

We have revised the toolbar icons and hope that you like the new look. A few changes that we should mention:

  1. The Stock Screen icon has changed to an eyeglass
  2. The Indicator icon has been removed as the link is immediately above on the menu bar
Stock Screens & Indicators
  1. The Log Scale button now clicks on/off rather than offering a separate button for normal (analog) scale.
Log Scale
  1. Select Scroll Watchlist or Scroll Stock Screen from the drop-down list to use the up/down scroll arrows.
Scroll Watchlist & Stock Screen

Commodity Data

Our data suppliers have provided us with a few daily commodity spot prices. Unfortunately the updates are generally delayed until after midnight to avoid substantial exchange royalties. We will endeavor to obtain more frequent updates, but this is only practical when the new tiered members subscriptions are available — because of the license fees.

Cash Metals Contracts

  • GC - Gold
  • SI - Silver
  • PL - Platinum
  • PA - Palladium

ICE Europe Energies

  • CB - Brent Crude
  • WI - WTI Crude
  • NF - Natural Gas

LME Official Cash Closing Prices

  • R7 - Aluminum Alloy
  • Q7 - Aluminum High Grade
  • S7 - NAS Aluminum
  • R9 - PIG Lead
  • Q9 - Nickel
  • S1 - Copper Grade A
  • S3 - Tin Refined
  • S9 - Zinc High Grade

Future Plans

We are busy with the following developments.

  • ASX, LSE, TSX and SGX continuous updates, delayed 15/20 minutes depending on the exchange;
  • Tiered subscriptions that members can customize according to their needs;
  • Charts loading 3 times faster; and
  • Hour & Minute charts.

We aim to have a beta version of the new data updates available by the end of January. Hour & minute charts will take a little longer.

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