What's New: Incredible Charts

By Colin Twiggs
October 16, 2010 2:00 a.m. ET (4:00 p.m. AET)

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We have ironed out most of the bugs with the beta version from June 2010 and this is ready for release to all users.

Delayed Data

US Stocks

The primary difference is that US stocks (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and OTC) are continuously updated. Data is delayed by 15 minutes in accordance with exchange requirements. Data is sourced from a new data supplier and there are a few symbol differences (e.g. BRK.A instead of BRKA in older versions). We suggest that you use the search function if you encounter any missing stocks.

US Indexes

The change to new data supplier is more marked with index symbols. We have automated the process, linking old and new symbols as far as possible, but here is a run-down of major indices:

Index Name New Symbol
Dow Jones Industrial $DOWI
Dow Jones Transport $DOWT
Dow Jones Utility $DOWU
S&P 500 $INX or $SPX
Nasdaq 100 $IUXX
Nasdaq Composite $NASX
Russell 1000 $RUI
Russell 2000 $IUX
RJ/CRB Commodities $CRB
US Dollar Index $DXY

All index symbols are prefaced by a dollar sign.

Dow Jones Indices

We are now licensed to display 15-minute delayed updates for all Dow Jones indices, so members can track market progress through the day.

S&P, CBOE and Russell Indices

These are only updated end-of-day (30 minutes after market close) at present. Continuous updates will only be introduced when the new members interface, with tiered subscriptions, is completed.

Australia: ASX

We are currently testing a similar feed (20-minute delayed) for the ASX. We were hoping to have this ready by early October but delays with the beta version have necessitated that we hold this back a few weeks more.

Toolbar Changes

The new version makes changes to the toolbar to improve usability.

Fetch Data

Fetch latest data for the current stock or index from the server.

Scroll Stock Screen

Chart Periods

Select Time Period >> Display Periods on the chart menu.

Time Period Menu

Enter a number (we recommend between 50 and 200) then click the Select button.

Display Periods Menu

The time period will then automatically adjust to display the selected number of bars when you switch from Daily to Weekly or Monthly intervals on the toolbar or View menu.

Daily Weekly Or Monthly Intervals

Scroll Watchlists/Stock Screens

Select whether you want to Scroll Watchlist or Scroll Stockscreen and then use the up/down arrows on the toolbar or your keyboard.

Scroll Watchlist
Scroll Stock Screen

This will hopefully make scrolling more intuitive and also allows users to disable the scroll function.

Other Changes

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Chart menu

  • CTRL+F: Open Project from the File menu (previously F5)
  • F2 or F5: Fetch latest data from the server (without re-loading the complete history)
  • CTRL+F2 or F5: Refresh all data (including the history) from the server (previously F2)

Stock Screener menu

  • F2 or F5: Reload Input Page from the server (previously F2)
  • CTRL+F4: Open Chart Forum with your browser (previously CTRL+F2)

New Toolbar Buttons

Add to/Delete from Watchlist

Add or delete the current stock or index to/from a watchlist.

Scroll Stock Screen

Projects & Watchlists

Projects and watchlists are now located in a more accessible sub-folder called UserFiles.

It is important that users include this folder in their regular backup. Or use File >> Export Files to copy projects and watchlists to a USB memory stick or CD.

Future Plans

Development plans for the remainder of this year are:

  • ASX, LSE & TSX continuous updates, delayed 15/20 minutes depending on the exchange;
  • Hour & Minute charts;
  • Charts loading 3 times faster; and
  • Tiered subscriptions that members can customize according to their needs.

We are a little behind schedule on the hour & minute charts, but hope to make up time as the data updates are completed. All else appears on track.

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