What's New: Beta Version

By Colin Twiggs
June 24, 2010 2:00 a.m. ET (4:00 p.m. AET)

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To activate the latest Beta version, select Help >> Upgrade To Latest Beta Version on the chart menu.

To return to the previous version, un-check the above selection. Changes made to watchlists and projects on the beta, however, will not be available on the earlier version.

Toolbar Changes

The latest beta includes changes to the toolbar to improve usability.

Chart Periods

Select Time Period >> Display Periods on the chart menu.

Time Period Menu

Enter a number (we recommend between 50 and 200) then click the Select button.

Display Periods Menu

The time period will then automatically adjust to display the selected number of bars when you switch from Daily to Weekly or Monthly intervals on the toolbar or View menu.

Daily Weekly Or Monthly Intervals

Scroll Watchlists/Stock Screens

Select whether you want to Scroll Watchlist or Scroll Stockscreen and then use the up/down arrows on the toolbar or your keyboard.

Scroll Watchlist
Scroll Stock Screen

This will hopefully make scrolling more intuitive and also allows users to disable the scroll function.

Delayed Data

US Stocks

US Delayed Data

Daily Charts for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and OTC stocks are updated continuously through the day. Data is delayed by 15 minutes to comply with exchange requirements.

Unfortunately the development lead time for ASX and LSE stocks is longer, but they are next in line for release.

US Indexes

The change has necessitated a switch to a new data supplier with different index symbols. We have automated the process as far as possible, with watchlists updating to the new symbols, but here is a run-down of major indexes:

Index Name New Symbol
Dow Jones Industrial $DOWI
Dow Jones Transport $DOWT
Dow Jones Utility $DOWU
S&P 500 $INX or $SPX
Nasdaq 100 $IUXX
Nasdaq Composite $NASX
Russell 1000 $RUI
Russell 2000 $IUX
RJ/CRB Commodities $CRB
US Dollar Index $DXY

All index symbols are prefaced by a dollar sign.

Forex & Precious Metals

Since our last newsletter we have also introduced continuous updates for Forex & Precious Metals. Data is delayed by 5 minutes in terms of our supplier license.

Trendline Bug Fix


We fixed a bug where trendlines drawn ahead of the current date would lose their end anchor point. This is now automatically dealt with. The trendline is drawn with the end anchor point at the current date and set to Auto-extend so that it projects into the future.

Future Plans

Our development plans for the remainder of this year include:

  • ASX & LSE continuous updates, 20-minute delayed;
  • Hour & Minute charts;
  • Tiered subscriptions that members can customize according to their needs;
  • Charts loading 3 times faster;
  • Improved Search function; and
  • More versatile Indicator menu.


Software Informer

Incredible Charts was recently awarded a 4 star rating and Editor's Pick award by Software.Informer.

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