Gold Weakens & What's New

By Colin Twiggs
December 2, 2008 6:00 a.m. ET (10:00 p.m. AET)

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What's New

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After a brief consolidation, spot gold fell sharply through support at $800, heading for a test of $750 (the upper border of the pennant). The sharp reversal is a bearish sign and a test of $700 is now likely. Recovery above $800, while unlikely, would negate this.

Spot Gold daily chart

Source: Netdania

On the long term chart, the US Dollar Index continues to strengthen, indicating that gold is likely to remain in a down-trend. Gold reversal to $700 would mean another up-swing failed to test the upper border of the long-term broadening descending wedge formation — signaling a downward breakout and test of the June 2006 low at $550.

Spot Gold weekly chart

Crude Oil

West Texas Intermediate Crude broke through support at $48, the 2007 low. Expect a test of $40; calculated as 48 - (56 - 48).

Crude Oil 2 Hourly

Source: Netdania

OPEC production cuts have so far had little effect. In the long term, if support at $40 fails, the next major level is $20, the 2002 low.

Crude Oil Monthly



The euro continues to consolidate around $1.25, forming a symmetrical triangle. Expect a test of primary support at the 2005 low of $1.16.

Euro US Dollar

In the medium to long term, failure of support at $1.15 would offer a target of parity. Calculated as 1.15 - (1.30 - 1.15).

Euro US Dollar Monthly

Source: Netdania

Japanese Yen

The dollar fell below 94 yen, warning of another test of the October low of 91. In the longer term, the primary trend is down, with a target of the 1995 low of 80.

US Dollar Yen Monthly

Source: Netdania

Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar continues in a descending triangle against the greenback, with the RBA attempting support at $0.60. Today's interbank cash rate cut to 4.25% will add further weakness. Breakout below $0.60 is more likely — and would offer a target of $0.50. Calculated as
0.60 - (0.70 - 0.60).

Australian Dollar US Dollar

Source: Netdania

The Aussie Dollar is faring even worse against the yen, testing long-term support at 55. Breakout would offer a target of 40; calculated as 55 - (70 - 55).

Australian Dollar

Source: Netdania

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