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By Colin Twiggs
October 25, 2008

These extracts from my trading diary are for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as investment or trading advice. Full terms and conditions can be found at Terms of Use.

New Stock Screener - First Beta Version

Some readers will find the new beta version disappointing because it does not yet include any new filters. We have developed a completely new interface that enables users to save and retrieve stock screens and would like you to test this and provide us with feedback before we release the full version.

Stock Screener Input Page

To test that the screener is working:

  1. Select an Exchange
  2. Click the Run Screen button

Stock Screener - Save Screen

To save a screen, first add filters using the Add Filters menu. These will be displayed in the Current Screen section.

Stock Screener Save Screen

Second, click the Save Screen button.
And create a unique name for your saved screen.

Stock Screener Save Screen

The saved screen will then be displayed on the View Saved Screens tab.

Stock Screener - Saved Screens

To view your saved screens, select the Saved Screens tab at the top of the Stock Screener.

Stock Screener Tabs

The Saved Screens tab offers you the option to either Run, Edit, or Delete a saved screen.

Stock Screener Saved Screens


The Run command will use your latest settings for:

  • Exchange
  • Index
  • Watchlist
  • Sector

If unsure of these settings, rather select Edit and then Run Screen after you have checked/adjusted them.


Please give us your feedback. Try the new stock screener, then click the button below.

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