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The Dow Industrial Average broke through resistance at 10000 after another pull-back. Light volume on the rally signals a lack of commitment from buyers. 

The primary trend appears uncertain, following the retreat back above 10000. The consolidation pattern continues.

Twiggs Money Flow has formed a double bottom below the signal line but does not yet signal accumulation.

The Nasdaq Composite also displays light volume on the latest rally.
The primary trend is headed downward.

Twiggs Money Flow (not shown) continues to signal distribution.

The S&P 500 again pulled back to test resistance at 1100. Light volume signals a lack of commitment from buyers.
A break above 1150, followed by confirmation of the breakout, would signal that the primary trend is headed upward.

Twiggs Money Flow continues to signal distribution.

NYSE Bullish Percent

The NYSE Bullish Percent Index rose slightly to 54.68% but the bear signal continues.

Treasury yields

The yield on 10-year treasury notes is consolidating just above 4.20%. 
Expect a re-test of support at 4.00%. 

The yield differential (10-year T-notes minus 13-week T-bills) is still healthy at 2.8%. 
Low differentials, of below 1.0%, are strong bear signals.


New York: Spot gold rallied to $412.90 and appears headed for a test of long-term resistance at $427.25.

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ASX Australia

The All Ordinaries rallied back above 3500, continuing the consolidation pattern. Lower volume and a fairly weak close on Friday signal a lack of commitment from buyers. A reversal in the next day or two may still result in a test of support at 3450.

If support at 3450 holds, it would be a long-term bull signal.
A fall below 3350 would signal reversal of the primary trend.

Twiggs Money Flow continues to signal distribution.

Incredible Charts - Test version

The latest revision is available at Incredible Charts Test version if any members want to download it ahead of the general release planned for next week. Replace over your existing version.
  • The new version fixes a bug that occurs when deleting stocks from watchlists and deleting project files.
  • It also remembers (between sessions) the last 30 stocks that you have charted. 
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Norton Personal Firewall

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If not, you are likely to block all communication between Incredible Charts and the servers.

You may also receive an incoming communication alert:

Select Permit from the drop-down list and check Always use this action in the box underneath.

Clearing existing Norton PF block

If you have previously selected the Always block connections option, it is probably best to clear your existing settings and start again.
  • Go to Norton Personal Firewall 2004, select Status & Settings on the left.
  • Highlight Personal Firewall in the center panel.
  • Press the Configure button.

  • Select the Programs tab
  • Then scroll down the list until you reach Incrediblecharts.exe.

  • When you have Incrediblecharts.exe selected in the list, click the Remove button.
  • At the prompt, select Yes.

  • And Yes again.

When you next open Incredible Charts, you will be able to reset Norton PF at the prompts.

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